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Advanced electrical engineers


1. The design of the entire machine control system is independently responsible for the entire machine control system;
2. Participate in project review, the promotion and tracking of key projects;
3、Design of the electrical control box of the project machine platform、Electrical principle diagram、Wiring diagram、Design of the arrangement of electrical components;
4、Provide sales、Purchasing、Manufacturing、After -sales service、Quality and other technical support;
5、For the company's core product,Optimized electrical technology; propose forward -looking technical suggestions for developing new functions or new products;
6. Write the electrical module of the device operation manual.

Advanced electrical engineers


1、bachelor's degree or above,25-38 years old,Electric Automation、Graduated from related majors such as electrical engineering;
2、Electrical design of automated industry for more than 5 years、Programming and debugging experience,Familiar with PLC Ethernet、RS232、485 communication; 3、Independent writing 30 axes above the lithium battery non -standard automation program,Familiar with Siemens S71200、S71500 series PLC programming;
4、Familiar to the servo motor、Stepping motor、Use of Weilun touch screen;、Electrical Control Cabinet Design、Selection of electrical components。
5、Good team collaboration ability、Active active、Able to adapt to short -term travel abroad。

Overseas sales manager


1. Bachelor degree, 25-38 years old;
2、3-5 years and above overseas TOB sales experience,Experience of the same position for 2 years or more;
2、English can be used as working language,Strong sales development、Business negotiation ability,Familiar with direct sales,Sales sales model;
3. Strong adaptability.

Overseas sales engineer


1、Overseas market business expansion,Digging automated equipment industry customer resources;
2、Complete sales indicators allocated by the department,Maintain existing customer resources and after -sales service;
3. Assist other tasks arranged by the department leaders.

Sales engineer


1. Bachelor degree or above, with an exterior and cheerful personality;
2、Strong communication expression ability,Interpersonal communication ability,Learning adaptability;
3、Better sales experience in the TOB equipment industry。

Senior mechanical engineer

Xiangyang City

1、Responsible for organizational coordination work at various stages of new product development and design,Do a good job of discussing the new product discussion;
2、Responsible for the improvement of existing product technology,Put forward improvement plans and measures,Make the product continuously updated and perfect;
3、Participate in industry technical exchanges and product promotion activities,Participate in the project bidding and the preparation of technical solutions;
4、Business personnel provide related technical support when customer acceptance equipment。