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How to cast the competitiveness of domestic intelligent equipment enterprises?

Hot August afternoon,深圳市宝安区Alemanha Euro 2024 Jornadas was Founded in May 2004. It is a national high-tech prive entegration R & D, Design, ManuoFacturing Les service. It caurrently has two wholly-wened subsidiaaries, xiangyang zhongji chuangzhan intelligent techNOLOGY Co., LTDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD . And wuhan zhitong vision technology Co., LTD., and a Branch in sunge.自动化股份有限公司实验室内,The ground covered with a gray epoxy floor paint is placed with large devices with different structures,Two staff wearing white anti -static uniforms are shuttling between them,Demonstrate the operating effect for the visitor。
It is in this seemingly ordinary laboratory,Multiple manufacturing technology bottlenecks in the lithium battery industry such as large cylindrical cell laser welding、Continuous welding of the side side of the blade battery、Platform with all -pole ears、High -speed cams/turning tower transmission, etc., was overcome by Alemanha Euro 2024 Jornadas (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; euro 2024 & rdquo;)。
EURO 2024 So quickly completed the technology leap from small cylindrical battery assembly to large cylindrical battery assembly,and became the first domestic 120PPM 4680 large cylindrical high -speed intelligent assembly line in July this year、Enterprises that have been successfully delivered through customer acceptance。
Since 2022,Big cylindrical batteries are recognized as & ldquo; top air outlets & rdquo;,Car company、Battery companies frequently release signals of large cylindrical battery production。Some people in the industry prediction,Domestic 4680 large column will achieve large -scale mass production in the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024。As a leading company in the field of cylindrical battery equipment,Euro 2024 will usher in a new round of performance explosion。
EURO 2024 Dean Wang Lei introduced to Dadong Times Think Tank (TD),In addition to the breakthrough of the large circular pillar production line,EURO 2024 The industry's first 350ppm high -speed small cylindrical battery loading prototype has been released。Dadong Times Think Tank (TD) also discussed with Wang Lei on topics such as domestic intelligent equipment companies to improve competitiveness。
Technology innovation casts domestic competitiveness
16 years ago,EURO 2024 and several companies in the industry simultaneously began to promote the localization of lithium battery equipment。Current,The localization rate of lithium battery equipment in my country has reached 90%or more,Euro 2024 becomes an outstanding representative of the localization of lithium battery equipment。EURO 2024 small cylindrical battery is intelligent, automatic, automatic installation, and the whole set of equipment has broken the monopoly position of Japan and South Korea in small cylindrical high -speed assembly,At present, the entire line of the leading battery manufacturer has been realized。
Wang Lei said: & ldquo; Now the development level of lithium battery equipment in China has been leading the world,All domestic production lines are 30%-40%cheaper than full imports。The localization of equipment is of great significance for the lithium battery industry,Among them, the most obvious thing is to greatly reduce costs,Let lithium electrical companies compete in the face of market competition,Especially in international competition,More cost advantage。& rdquo;
Euro 2024 Established in 2004,In 2007, due to equipment renovation, the opportunity of equipment renovation coincides with the then lithium battery leading enterprise Dongguan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as ATL),and win the recognition of the other party,Enter its supply chain。He Weiguo, the founder of mechanical design engineer, soon discovered that the demand for lithium battery equipment increased faster,But the number of lithium battery equipment companies is limited,Domestic equipment is far behind Japan and South Korea,The domestic rate is very low,I believe that this market potential is greater,So concentrated investment for independent research and development。
Euro 2024 innovatively applied the cam drive technology in the cylindrical battery assembly,Continue technical improvement,Gradually form core competitiveness。From 2008,Euro 2024 Start using the cam structure on the device,It has developed intermittent cam and turning tower cam,greatly reduced the volume and energy consumption level of the equipment,further improve the stability and efficiency of the equipment。2009,EURO 2024 developed the first 30 ppm 18650 cylindrical battery fully automatic production line。
Since then,Euro 2024 continuously improves the efficiency of cylindrical assembly line。2014,EURO 2024 developed 60ppm cylindrical production line,Compatible 14500、18650、21700 and other dimensions,and independently develop multi -station rotating continuous rolling tank machine。2015,EURO 2024 automated cylindrical assembly production line reaches the domestic market share first。
2016,EURO 2024 developed the first real high -speed production line in China & mdash; & mdash; 120PPM cylindrical battery production line; 2021,200ppm cylindrical cell high -speed production line came out,and was identified by the Shenzhen Innovation Record Office as & ldquo; increased the efficiency of domestic cylindrical battery assembly lines from 120ppm to 200ppm,reached the international first -class level,The phenomenon that the cylindrical high -speed assembly line has been stuck by Japanese and Korean companies for a long time,Realized domestic alternative。& rdquo;

2020,Tesla launched a 4680 large cylindrical battery,Treatment of the industry's continuous high attention。EURO 2024 Carry out the research and development of smart high -speed assembly lines of 4680 large cylindrical batteries in time,Key technical difficulties in the assembly of large cylindrical battery assembly。

& ldquo; We have rich technical accumulation in cylindrical battery,The main difference between the large cylindrical battery and the small cylindrical battery is that the polar ear structure is different,Welding and blocking requirements higher。The focus of our work last year is to overcome laser welding、Polar ears rubbing equal technical difficulties,The first domestic breakthrough in many key technologies。EURO 2024 120PPM 4680 Great Cillar High -speed Intelligent Overcoming Line for the R & D and Designed and Manufactured Customers in China has passed acceptance on July 18。And the high speed we are talking about is single -line efficiency,It is not a line that rely on the stacking equipment。& rdquo; Wang Lei said。

Expansion boundary becomes & ldquo; smart manufacturing leader & rdquo;
The 120PPM 4680 large cylindrical high -speed intelligent assembly line delivered to the B customer,EURO 2024 uses machine visual technology and products from its wholly -owned subsidiary Wuhan Zhitong Visual Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Zhitong vision & rdquo;)。The machine vision is except laser welding,Euro 2024 Another technical field involved in recent years。
As a branch of rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence,The core of the machine vision is to replace the eye with & ldquo; machine eye & rdquo;,Identification of objects、Measted and made a judgment。With the improvement of the level of machine vision,Machine visual downstream applications are continuously developing,Consumer Electronics Market、Auto market、Semiconductor Market、The level of industrial automation in the medical market and other industries has gradually increased,The market size of machine vision will also continue to expand。According to Markets and Markets prediction data,Global machine vision market size will increase from 58.960 billion yuan in 2018 to 9048 billion yuan in 2023。Domestic manufacturers are continuously improved,Further accumulation,In 2023, my country's machine vision market size will reach 22.556 billion yuan。
Wang Lei said,Lithium battery production yield、Speed ​​requirements are high,Machine vision has high perception efficiency、High precision features,It can be applied to the appearance detection of battery、Multiple lithium battery production links after welding,A closed -loop control system that forms a link with the manufacturing process,Can better meet the requirements of lithium battery production,Realize the quality and control quality、Avoid human pollution、Timely blocking bad products and other purposes。Many machine vision companies on the market,But when these products are integrated to the lithium battery line,It is easier to increase the effect from 60%to 99%,It is not so easy to increase from 99%to 99.9%。This & ldquo; The last 0.9%& rdquo;,Is the visual intelligent company's understanding of the battery manufacturing process deep,whether the integration capacity of the production line is strong enough or even the communication ability is determined。The ability of this part is difficult to make up in a short time,So Euro 2024 decides to master the machine vision technology。
EURO 2024 Established Smart Hitomi Vision in October 2022,The company brings together a number of machine visual experts。Through the industry accumulation of experts,Zhitong vision has completed the underlying logic construction,According to the industry characteristics of the lithium battery,A lot of algorithms suitable for lithium battery detection,At present, the visual detection of the full process of existing lithium battery equipment,Machine visual technology that has developed the entire process,Including high -speed 2.5D line sweeping technology、High -precision flying shooting technology、3D high -precision measurement technology、Defacked appearance judgment technology, etc.,At the same time combined with AI intelligent image processing,Wide image stitching and other technologies for intelligent processing of image samples,Demand for various types of visual detection of battery assembly production lines。Future Zhitong vision will promote business,Meet the visual requirements of the lithium battery industry machine。

The field of lithium battery equipment in recent years has fierce competition,Lithium battery and its equipment industry enters the new stage of digital and intelligent development,Enterprise is keen on & ldquo; broaden the technical boundary & rdquo;,Improve your competitiveness。Wang Lei thinks,In the process of doing bigger and bigger enterprises,& ldquo; Broadcasting technical boundary & rdquo; is inevitable,It is mainly due to cost and efficiency consideration。For example, if the proofing link is given to the integrator,Factors such as logistics time and other factors,It may take a month,But the internal proofing of the EURO 2024 can be completed in one week。

Wang Lei said,At present, EURO 2024 has taken laser as the entry point,Successfully entered the photovoltaic market,Complete the first batch of shipments。Future,Euro 2024 will also launch smart devices for semiconductor industries,Delivery becomes & ldquo; smart manufacturing leader & rdquo;。