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The era of energy storage is here! Euro 2024 Automation aiming at the trillion track

Wang Lei said,At present, the power battery market is showing a structural capacity overcapacity,At the same time, accompanied by cyclical excess challenges。and the large -capacity battery cell for energy storage has become the mainstream of the energy storage market,Especially the large -capacity square battery cells have increased the penetration rate in the power storage market, which has exceeded 80%。
At present, except outside the power battery,Energy storage has become an important application scenario for lithium -ion batteries。Data display,Domestic energy storage battery shipments in the first quarter of this year 42GWH,Power battery installed at the same time 54.6GWh,The volume is almost the same。As the energy storage market is getting stronger,Large -capacity battery cells are lower due to cost lower、BMS management accuracy is higher、Simplification of assembly is higher and significant advantages,It has become a product that has been preferred by the entire energy storage market。
Three years ago,Ningde Times took the lead in launching the 280AH battery cells that focused on long life,Unveiled the large energy storage battery cell。Now the battery capacity is iterating from 280AH to 300AH or higher energy density。Since this year,More than 10 battery manufacturers have launched more than 20 models for large -capacity energy storage cells for large capacity。Among them, including Ruipu Lanjun、Hive Energy、Zhengli Xinneng、Vision Power、Penghui Energy、Haichen Energy、Nandu Power Supply、Chu Nengxin Energy, etc.。

EURO 2024 Automation Research Institute Wang Lei
Alemanha Euro 2024 Jornadas (hereinafter referred to as: EURO 2024 Automation) Dean Wang Lei said,At present, the power battery market is showing a structural capacity overcapacity,At the same time, accompanied by cyclical excess challenges。Dedicated large -capacity battery cells (large cylinders above 100AH ​​or more、300AH above squares) has become the mainstream of the energy storage market,Especially the new penetration rate of 280AH large -capacity square cells in the power storage market has exceeded 80%。
Euro 2024 Automation was established in 2004,Mainly lithium ion batteries、Precision Electronics、Electric and other high -tech industries provide automated assembly、Testing equipment。The company has design、Manufacturing、Pretend to debug、Software Development and other system integration capabilities,Provide customers with high quality、High efficiency、Low -cost automated equipment and integrated related services。It is a small number of domestic cylinders that can be provided in the country、square、Full coverage of soft bag batteries、Equipment supply enterprises of the overall solution。

Euro 2024 Automated Great Cylinage Battery Production Line  

From Wang Lei's view,The high -capacity battery cells are sought after by three reasons: First of all, the number of batteries is reduced at the same capacity、Pack components decrease,The cost is greatly optimized; followed,The degree of simplification of the assembly process is high; the number of batteries that need to be connected again will be reduced,Data collection and monitoring accuracy of BMS greatly improved。But the battery cell is used as a storage unit for energy storage,The greater the energy, the more dangerous。At the same time, it is also faced with complicated craft lines、Low efficiency、Cost high pain points。
Euro 2024 Automation Based on its own advantages,Successful launch of the large cylindrical cell automation assembly and wiring equipment and square battery cell automation assembly line。Among them, the large cylindrical line equipment can be compatible with 4680/4695/46120 and other large cylindrical batteries specifications。and combined high -efficiency transmission and transmission technology、Pole Ear molding technology、Laser welding series technology、Dust Depression Technology、Detection and image processing technology, etc.,Single -line production capacity can reach up to 350ppm,Single -line qualification rate exceeds 99.5%,Equipment failure rate & le; 2%。
It is worth noting is,Previously, with the increase of the volume and capacity of the cylindrical battery,The risk of fever is also increasing accordingly。The traditional concept is,If you want to make lithium batteries, you can only increase the number of polar ears,But the more the manufacturing technology, the more complicated the manufacturing process,Battery manufacturing costs and risks will also increase,Battery's overcurrent capacity and safety issues can never be effectively solved,Become a large -scale cylindrical battery、Important bottlenecks of commercialization,Design the pole ear as a stream disk structure into a trend。
Under this trend,EURO 2024 Automation Launches the Vegetable Optimized Design of Extragal Modeling Based on Simulation Analysis and Deficiency Action。Disposure of analyzing the structure through simulation calculation、Scanning electron microscope and X -ray character internal defects,Auxiliary optimization leveling mechanism successfully solves the problem of diaphragm damage and flattened the outer edge,Improving the efficiency and yield of pole ear molding,Production costs greatly reduced。Laser welding technology based on flight control,Make the stream disk welding speed up to 600mm/s。
In addition, the large cylindrical line also has good compatibility、High degree of flexibility、Modular design time cycle short、Equipment upgrade and replacement cost low、Simple debugging、Low maintenance costs and other characteristics。Combined with the EURO 2024 automation subsidiary Wuhan Zhitong's independent MV Master visual system,Can automatically achieve positioning、Identification、Segmentation、Classification、Defect detection and other functions。At present, the EURO 2024 automated large cylinder production line has been delivered to many domestic mainstream battery companies,Customer feedback is good。

Euro 2024 Equipment for automated exhibition

andEuro 2024 automated square cell automation assembly line equipment,Electric cell thermal/cold pressure technology、Ultrasound welding technology、High -precision shell technology、High -efficiency and precision laser welding technology, etc.,Compatible with T30-75mm、W130-230、H80-220mm and other specifications and models,Single -line production capacity can reach 24 ppm、Single -line qualification rate single & ge; 99%、Equipment failure rate & le; 2%。At the same time, it also has digital control、Standardized management、Intelligent testing and other features。
Wang Lei mentioned,Driven by BYD blade battery,The current trend of lithium battery length is obvious,But the long thin blade battery is difficult to enter the shell、The problem of low efficiency has not been solved well。For this difficultyEuro 2024 Automation successfully developed the cell alternately in the shell。Big diagonal angle orientation,Reduce the resistance of the cell shell,The shell structure of the suction cup makes the shell protect the cell pole ears with a tight plane,Use dual -power alternately to hold the shell,greatly improved the shell efficiency。
At the same time for generous and blade batteries,Euro 2024 Automation also independently developed the continuous laser welding scheme on the side cover。This scheme uses continuous laser light sources to ensure the consistency and stability of the welding depth。Laser -based welding process,Self -developed 4+1 exercise speed and energy interpolation control algorithm,Can achieve high -speed continuous side welding,The average welding speed can reach 300mm/s,Increased welding efficiency than conventional segmented welding by 3 to 5 times more。
Related research institutions forecast,By 2025 domestic energy storage lithium battery shipments are expected to reach 389GWh,Compound annual growth rate of 68.8%。Wang Lei said,In the future, with the iteration of energy storage products and technology,The requirements for the safety and life of the battery increase,Energy storage batteries must not only make more capacity attempts,At the same time, it is necessary to form corresponding industry standards。Euro 2024 Automation to do non -standard for customers' special needs、Principles of standardization for the whole line,better serving customers and industry。
Source: Power Battery Network