Product description

Cyllaric battery High -speed full -automatic loading line includes the curls of the rolling core after wound、Roll cores、bi insert & roll core into the shell、Blind welding & ti insertion、shrinkage、Glip、Short -circuit test、x-ray detection、Battery installation、Note on the liquid、Battery bet、Cover welding、Volume Border & Pier Seal、Cleaning and applying oil、Plame、Appearance detection、code injection、Pre -charging Plates and other functions,Realize fully automated production in the whole process。

Basic parameters of the equipment

Equipment Parameters
Adaptation specifications 10, 14, 18, 21, 26 and other series of batteries
Product qualification rate > 99%
Production efficiency & Ge; 200ppm
Production operators across the line 5 ~ 7 people
The entire line of the crowd & Ge; 96%
Noise (1 meter) & le; 75db