Product description

Equipment of the rolled rolling core of the device is loaded into the B/i back -to -polar ears and the steel shell,Mainly from the outer Election Surgery、b/i insert、Inner Extreme Ear Correction、Inner pole brute、CCD check、outer ears bending and other compositions。

Basic parameters of the equipment

Equipment Parameters
Volume Core outer diameter detection misjudgment rate & le; 0.1%
Low check 0%
B/i Insert the relative position accuracy of a special cup & plusmn; within 0.1mm
B/I Drinking mold punching precision & plusmn; within 0.1mm
B/I Drinking mold life 15 million times
Do not damage B/I when the curved ears、Elasto,After bending,The bottom insulation tablet is maintained for its position accuracy  
The intensity of the roll core insertion is adjusted (not damaged by the roll core insertion) 0.3 ~ 3kg f

Product Features

Rolling core shell is an important process for the assembly process of cylindrical battery,The accuracy of the battery shell is not allowed to cause the battery to collide with the shell collision and abrasion,Then the battery cell is scrapped or repaired,Serious restrictions on the yield and efficiency of the production line。
This product is designed as a tower -type cam drive,Using high -precision roll diameter to detect、Double fiber sensing extremely ears correction and positioning、Magnetic suction shell transport、Pressure sensing real -time feedback correction of the cylindrical cell without damage to the shell,High -quality high -efficiency completion of the roll core shell。